January 10 2023

Get Tips for Your Home Goals in 2023

    Get Tips for Your Home Goals in 2023

    It’s a new year, and that means new possibilities.

    For some, that might mean buying a house for the first time. For existing homeowners, it could mean improving your current space — or selling it to move on to a place that feels like a better fit for your family.

    Whatever your plans, setting small milestones can help you get there. Are you ready to make those home-related goals a reality this year? Here’s how:

    If you want to buy a home:

    • Get your finances in order. Improve your credit score, pay off larger debts, and save for upfront costs.
    • Have the right professionals on your side. Choose your mortgage lender, home inspector and other professionals you want to work with — and get in touch for assistance from an expert agent.
    • Keep an eye on the market. Set up listing alerts within your price range. Once something catches your eye, reach out to schedule a showing.

    If you’re selling your home:

    • Declutter and make repairs. Remove personal items and make major and cosmetic repairs to items that could otherwise take away from the home’s value.
    • Get professional, staged photos. Make the home look move-in ready, and bring in a real estate photographer to take listing photos and create a video tour.
    • Have a plan for a new property. Determine what’s next: Will you downsize or look for a bigger home? Solidify your plan before you sell.

    If you plan to make home improvements:

    • Do research. Find out which projects can add value. Then, see if you need permits from the city and get cost estimates from contractors.
    • Figure out financing. How will you pay for the updates? Cash-out refinancing and home equity loans and lines of credit are popular options.
    • Hire professionals for big projects. Don’t attempt to DIY anything that needs specialty knowledge, including electrical and plumbing tasks. 

    Do you need help buying or selling a home this year? Get in touch today so we can get started.

    Reference: Published by Outbound Engine