September 23 2021

This Year's Fall Color Trends Include Something for Everyone

    This Year's Fall Color Trends Include Something for Everyone

    It feels like many things are uncertain right now, and we're more than happy to find refuge at home. Sometimes that means planning a fun project — like switching up the color palette of our favorite spaces.

    As a new season approaches, we wanted to find out which hues in particular design lovers are interested in. We chatted with color experts to get their insights — from creating cozy rooms to increasing productivity at home.

    Here are the trends they pinpointed, and how you can incorporate them into your own home.

    Warm Tones


    "This fall as the weather gets cooler, people are craving comfort and warmth," Nicole Gibbons, founder of Clare, tells Hunker. "People will continue to lean into warmer tones to make their space feel cozy and inviting. In decor, we will see tons of layering and saturated tones."

    This definitely makes its way into decor as well. Earlier this year, Etsy revealed a special edit with Padma Lakshmi that focused on setting the table for intimate gatherings. The collection includes earthy tones, with pops of blue here and there. In addition, West Elm unveiled its fall selection recently — and it included plenty of ochre decor and textiles.

    Erika Woelfel, VP of color and creative service at Behr, tells Hunker that "similar to the fall transition of earth's colors to more muted and dusty tones," there are a few shades that can help "bring the cozy feeling of the outdoors inside." Woelfel points out Maple Glaze, Sedona Pink, and Spiced Potpourri as especially effective in creating this mood.

    Calm Greens 


    Clare recently launched "Daily Greens," a color that Gibbons describes as "a mossy olive green perfect for fall." It's a subtle way to bring in some nature to your space without the hue feeling overly seasonal.

    "We've also seen an uptick in interest in greens, both anecdotally and in Google and Pinterest search trends," Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, tells Hunker. "Greens are super versatile, from calming sages like Evergreen Fog SW 9130 to dramatic emeralds like Cascades SW 7623."

    Evergreen Fog was recently used in a project by Jean Stoffer Design, where the hue transforms a sitting area and bathroom.

    Bright Accents

    If you want something that feels a little more bold, there's always the option to add brighter pops of color to your space. Take, for instance, yellow and gold hues. These might be especially helpful for staying productive during those cooler months — especially if you're still working from home this coming season.

    "You don't have to commit to painting all four walls either," says Woelfel. "Something as simple as a backdrop behind your desk, bright trim, or accent pieces in the office will do the trick of creating a designated area for you to stay focused."

    You can also take a page from Hunker editorial director Laurie Grossman's recent dining room makeover, courtesy of the Very Gay Paint team. The cheery '70s palette in this statement wall are sure to bring good vibes for the cozy months ahead.